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At my first year in college, due to COVID-19 outbreaks, everyone had to stay in the houses. One of the terrible consequences of this situation is that the violence and murder against women has escalated. At that time I was approached by a group of amazing girls, with an outstanding idea - designed label on women's clothing that would display the call center number for violence against women. They asked me to design the label, for such a request on such a subject - I could not refuse. "Hoodies" company was the first to agree to incorporate the designed label into its women's collection, and I hope that in time more companies will lend a hand in this fight, and together we will make a change. 

מוקאפ 2.png
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Because the label is located on clothes, I realized that the design must be noticeable on the one hand, in a way that it can be useful in a time of need, but be solid on the other hand, so it can be put on clothes without it interfering with shopping. For this reason I designed the label with a limited color palette, a simple font and short text.

Thanks to this clothing label, the call center number for violence against women is always accessible, and it may be able to save lives. in addition, this kind of project can also raise the issue of violence against women to public awareness.  

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