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Soca is a breeding farm of succulents, cacti and bonsai. In this project, I created for Soca a new line especially for kids. I decided to open the site with kind of a digital book, which tells the story of Soca the Cactus. 



For the sense of playfulness, the main idea of this line is that the kid assembles by himself the cactus and the flower pot. At the end he receives a kit that includes the cactus and  the flower pot by his choice, care instructions and appropriate soil. In this way, not only that the kid benefits from the planting experience, but he also develops a sense of responsibility by caring for a plant that is durable and easy to grow.

מוקאפ 1_edited.png

A design for kids is a complex matter.

On one hand, the design should be communicative and understandable for the kid, but on the other hand it should also be attractive and interesting enough for the adults who accompany him/her.

סוקה שמח 2.png

According to my main target audience, i designed a simple and playful site for the kid, which is also experiential enough for the adults who help him/her navigate the site.

מערכת עיצובית-03.png
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