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This magazine presents a biography about one of my favourite artists - the Swiss graphic designer Armin Hofmann.

This magazine's layout, grids and typography was
inspired by Armin's work and masterpieces.
This magazine consists of his past early days, discussing his masterpieces, and how he inspired generations of designers.


Hofmann is recognized for his immeasurable influence on generations of designers, teaching the power and elegance of simplicity and clarity through a timeless aesthetic, always informed by context.  

2 שקוף.png

In keeping with Hoffman's worldview, I designed the elements in the magazine on a permanent visible grid. I used simple shapes and a narrowed color palette to convey the same reduction that Hoffman is characterized by. I used san serif fonts, for English - "Helvatica" and for Hebrew - "Oron"

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כולם ביחד שקוף.png
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