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So, as I already told you, my name is Maya Shalem / MAYALE :) 

I live in Israel or more accurately - in Haifa, and i am a student at Wizo college.

My passions in design are UX/UI, animation and motion in general, colors and letters. Most of my work is inspired by movies, great artist, cool websites, books, music, dance - you name it.


I wish to work with people who have good vibes, enthusiasm and creativity. So if you liked my work and you're looking for a young and determined designer by your side - Feel free to contact me!

Things I like:

1. Marvel movies

2. My playlist

3. Anything with chocolate

4. My dogs

Things I don't like:

1. Lists

2. Garbage trucks at five AM 

3. Anything with mayo

5. Inconsistency 

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